2009 Season

R.G. Andrus, R. Davidson Andrus and Jody Riesberg

Studio b. is pleased to present two exceptionally creative nature observers: R.G. Andrus, a gifted wood sculptor, and R. Davison Andrus, an unusually skilled watercolorist. They’re father and son, and each is an avid student and interpreter of nature in his own special style. They are both represented by galleries around the Midwest, but this is the first time they have exhibited together!

R.G. Andrus fashions his nature creations in wood—pine, maple, teak and mahogany, among others. He sculpts different fruits and vegetables: apples, cherries, pears, plums, peppers, pomegranates, strawberries, avocados, bananas—all manner of distinctive and delicious-looking fruits and vegetables carved in wood. He crafts his sculptures three to five times actual size. He captures the essence of these elements, and then translates them into a new form. He chooses wood as his medium because it is not immortal—it mellows and changes with age. He uses the natural color of many different wood species, or applies aniline dye for more intense color and then applies as many as ten coats of a clear finish. All of his work reflects a man with an artist's deft hands, real technical know-how and a great love of nature. 

And, as they say, the apple did not fall far from the tree—his son, R. Davison Andrus, offers his passionate feelings for nature through that most difficult of mediums, watercolors. Bob (R. Davison) expresses his feelings this way: “In my latest work, I combine my strong interest in nature, watercolor painting, handmade textured papers and found objects of the landscape. Each location I paint is a special place for me. Lake Michigan and the surrounding landscapes give me a powerful energy. The Creator’s hand is evident everywhere in nature and, in my work, I integrate messages from the sages that resonate with me.” Picture a pastoral scene in greens and blues by a lovely lake, overseen by a summer sky. Or, an inviting beach protected by a scenic strand of pine trees, with the clouds scudding across the sky. 

In addition to the work of the Andrus family Studio b. is also pleased to feature five paintings from another talented observer of nature, artist and animal rights advocate Jody Riesberg. Her large-scale canvases resonate as they capture a true sense of beauty from her subjects, both people and animals and work tremendously with the messages from the Andrus collections.

Amy Talluto

Amy Talluto’s paintings and drawings are influenced largely by landscape imagery collected while rummaging around in various wooded settings with a point-and-shoot digital camera. Her paintings are vibrant oil on canvas or panel and can be either quite large or very small. She creates her work in the studio, referencing the photographs she has taken and downloaded onto her laptop. Working from digital photos allows Amy to have some distance from the original scene, giving her a chance to impose more of her own visual aesthetic onto the raw material of the collected image.

In Talluto’s work, she investigates the “found object” and ready-made art nature provides. Embracing the complexity of nature and its effect on the human psyche, Talluto begins with a photograph and allows herself to free it from restriction. Her work addresses overlooked empty spaces, using warm reds and oranges to create expressive and important filled gaps. Roots of trees seem to desperately cling to the ground, wrapping themselves around their surroundings. Playing with the dichotomy of chaos and relief, or of “dense hyper-detail with areas of breathability,” Amy challenges our perception of space and depth, grotesque and beautiful.  The use of wild curvature and intense color conveys a new view of nature and gives the work and the subjects of the work humanistic movement and emotion.

Spring for Green

Studio b. Gallery proudly launched the 2009 season with a group show titled “Spring for Green.” The art is work that incorporates recycled elements, utilizes sustainable materials or is about nature. Highlighted in this show is the eco-friendly artwork of nationally recognized mixed media artist Dolan Geiman. Available for purchase are Geiman’s original paintings, collages, constructions and limited-edition prints, many constructed with salvaged wood, found objects and other recycled materials.

Studio b. Principal Bridget Verdun says “It is our goal to hang a show that speaks to our concern and efforts as artists toward the environment and also to make work that is affordable by utilizing found objects and natural materials. At the gallery we are continually reinventing ourselves and look to bring in work that will interest our buyers. We feel strongly that Geiman’s art is a tremendous fit with both our aesthetic and mission and are excited to add Geiman’s work to the 2009 Studio b. collection.”

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