2008 Season

Water Works

We open the 2008 season with a body of art titled “Water Works.” The idea behind the show is to highlight our favorite artists along with new art in our space and to tie the work together with a central theme. The title was inspired by the people we meet each year who love the water for so many different reasons. Some talk of the views from their homes, others the sunsets reflecting on the lake; some love boating, swimming, beach walks and meditating, others tell stories of childhood memories catching fish, skipping stones or searching for shells in the sand. In the years that we’ve been at Studio b. the stories continue to float in with new people we meet, and it seemed appropriate to create a show around what so many people are passionate about, a theme that will literally soak in!

At Studio b. we are environmentally conscious and have a tremendous respect for the lake. To demonstrate that respect, we are donating a portion of the proceeds from this show to the Alliance for the Great Lakes, an organization dedicated to the preservation of our waterways.

We are also doing other fun local tie-ins such as featuring our friend Janet Moore Schrader and her sand sculpture business, Fairy Godmother Services. For the first time ever Janet created an indoor sand sculpture, a wonderful sand castle that is prominently displayed in our front window. We invite you to visit to see the castle and hope that Janet will receive nice exposure for her tremendous talent.

In addition to this creative centerpiece the show will feature many mediums, including paintings and photography that represent water; interesting sculpture; decorative glass vessels adorned with shells and many new lines of jewelry, some crafted with coral, sea glass, beach rock, crinoids and other natural materials. Further objects of interest include textiles, ceramics and lovely hand-pressed greeting cards.

Finnish Painter Fanny Tavastila

Studio b. is proud to exhibit the work of Fanny Tavastila, a promising emerging artist from Finland. Fanny Tavastila uses oil on canvas to create her sensitive and strong images. Her work is characterized by bold, luxurious colors and delicate, confident lines. She has studied art in Finland, Denmark and Japan and has recently completed her Fine Arts degree.

Fanny's early training was in music. Later, at the university level, she moved into the visual arts. In her master-level brushwork and fine balance of color, light and line, the viewer can find the rhythm and melody of an exciting composition.

Fanny’s visual language is evolving from a youthful tenderness to a more mature attitude. Her work is personal—feminine, fresh, exploratory—as well as technically astute and accomplished. She is alreadya recognized name in her native Finland, selling out her work at major exhibitions.

At this stage in her career she is spreading her wings to include the U.S. Her opening at Studio b. will be her first stateside solo exhibition and will be on display into the fall season.

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