myra schwartz

I love to wear and create jewelry that is also an object of conversation and contemplation. My work incorporates beads and elements that possess something extraordinary. It may be their timeless beauty, a fascinating history or just something purely magical. I feel an especially strong connection with antique, handcrafted components such as the antique Meerschaum pipes in my current jewelry series. Beads are powerful artifacts, especially those that have passed through generations of hands throughout the globe. The beads that I painstakingly select for my projects are tiny objects of wonder, skill and artistry, rich in lore while growing more beautiful with age.

As an artist, I aim to create work that has original and fresh vision. The pipe necklaces began simply enough when I picked up a pipe at a flea market. Not knowing what it actually was, I saw it as a bead…an interesting object with a hole running through it. When told it was a tobacco pipe, I was immediately drawn into an elaborate new world and soon began to research and accumulate more antique pipes. The more I learned, the more beautiful and remarkable they became. I am touched by their history, and the fact that anonymous people so skillfully carved these utilitarian objects over a century ago. Designing jewelry to showcase such beautiful components has altered my perception of what a necklace could be and is continually inspiring.

Although my love of beads was born in the 1970s, I didn’t begin using them to make jewelry until recuperating from an illness in 1991. Beadwork became my creative touchstone during ten years of kidney dialysis and a kidney transplant in 2002. It quickly developed into a meditative work tool, continuously helping me heal body and spirit. As a result, I feel nourished from my work and hope this positive energy extends from my hands to each piece of jewelry I create.

I am currently represented by Studio b. Gallery.

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