steve rebora

The subject matter of my painted, wood sculptures comes from my lifelong interest in comic book and cartoon characters. As a cartoonist many years ago, I was inspired by the work of Al Capp (the creator of Lil’ Abner and Daisy Mae), Walt Disney, and other animators and draftsmen who found humor in unexpected places. My current character—the magician’s rabbit—represents just such a twist. Rather than being pulled from the hat, the rabbit is in control. He is the one with the common sense, the knowledge, and has come from behind the scenes to make the show happen. In each piece, the magician’s hat signals the presence of the magician himself, but he is rarely present. Instead, the able apprentice rabbit makes the magic: he gently and happily pulls birds and people from the hat. In one piece, he even pulls his master—a rather sinister-looking man reminiscent of Mandrake the Magician—from the hat.

Each piece is sculpted from wood in many pieces, composed for narrative effect. The contrast of white and black enhances the basic compositional elements—the hat and the rabbit. The narrative elements of birds and other magic features are painted in saturated middle tones, giving each piece a color value range of dark, light, and middle.

Steve is currently represented by Studio b. Gallery.   

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