nancy pirri

Nancy Pirri was born in Brooklyn, New York, and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. She has dabbled in every art form since childhood, discovering clay to be her true passion in 1991. For the fifth year she is represented as a house artist at Studio b. Gallery. She exhibits at many different venues, including charities, and even curates her own group shows. She studied with figure sculptors Richard MacDonald and recently with Jack Kreutzer.

Nancy Pirri is inspired by women… not only by their individual beauty and myriad shapes, but by their resilience and ability to survive through time. By employing a variety of deliberate techniques, she sculpts women from clay that evoke lost histories and mythic pasts. Pirri begins by capturing the curvaceous nature of the traditional, classical female form. Her signature textures are then applied to create a sense of earthiness and antiquity. Pirri’s grasp of the female has evolved to the point that often the form of the clay itself leads to the creation of a specific sculpture.

Over time, Pirri has expanded her process to include silkscreen print techniques that support the feel of timelessness. She has also experimented with colored slip applications in specific ways with the goal of developing random outcomes through the soda firing process. The element of surprise, such as one might feel if they could suddenly unearth one of her pieces from the ground, is an important aspect of Pirri’s work and reminds us all that within each woman lays strength and an incalculable ability to endure.

Nancy is currently represented by Studio b. Gallery.

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