francine petro

Throughout my life, I have been collecting and storing bits and pieces of debris.

As a child, I would empty my pockets at night and marvel at what treasures I had discovered during the day. It wasn’t until attending the School of the Art Institute that all the stuff I had amassed start to make sense. Regardless of whatever the course description was, whether it was photo, ceramics or printmaking, I would incorporate the bits and pieces of my collections into the finished product. I always felt that collage was an immediate outlet for my art. The fusing of unrelated realities, the birth of the absurd and serious humor is important to me.

I have been a landscape painter for approximately the past twenty years; during that time I worked on a series which was entitled “Once I Was.” It was a series of paintings done on discarded wooden objects—for example, doors, cutting boards, doorway lintels and drawer fronts—the subject would always be trees. It was my way to return trash to its origins.

I have enjoyed working with the green concept once again; making this series of assemblages and paintings has been a return to my roots.

Francine Petro is represented by Studio b. Gallery.

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