theresa kier

Theresa Kier resides in Chicago, Illinois, and is a part-time resident of Three Oaks, Michigan

Kier credits much of her development as an artist to her mother and to the home in which she grew up—a home full of paintings, sketches, sculptures, and odds and ends of things he mother collected. Kier’s mother was a student of Paul Wieghardt, whose teachings emphasized creativity through imagination. In fact, Kier’s own paintings reflect that very creativity. A longtime resident of Chicago, Kier draws upon the variety of people and settings an urban environment has to offer and believes her exposure to Chicago’s spiritual energy, multi-culturalism and mythology affect the work deeply.

It is evident the artist knows how use a brush as well as color in rendering rich and luscious portraits with intensely colored landscapes. Her paintings explore spiritual and creative vistas in images that combine city icons like fire escapes and laundry lines with fanciful rural elements like flying trees and exotic animals. At times she will alter and geometrically stylize the figures, reminiscent of Mexican art and fit them together as if they were pieces in a personal puzzle. The colors and characters create a new vocabulary that is rich visually and metaphorically. Kier’s most recent works, done on canvas and paper as well as clay tiles and recycled wood, are to some extent an amalgam of her earlier works. All of the past figures are present, including dancers, angels and animal characters.

Kier has shown work in various galleries and art exhibitions in Chicago for over twenty years. Her paintings and drawings are included in various private collections in the Midwest.

Kier is currently represented by Studio b. Gallery.

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