doris ayres

For the last 15 years I have focused my creative energies on my profession in interior decorating. My work is fulfilling, never dull, and each project unique. But I’m constantly pushing myself into additional art projects outside of work, which is basically something I’ve done my entire life. In the early years I drew hundreds of horses, then moved on to creating a room-size Barbie and Ken apartment which lived in my mother’s dining room.

I got sidetracked for a few years in public relations and raising children, but found my way back to watercolor classes at about the same time I enrolled in design school. Now, I have no idea what causes my inspirations, but ideas suddenly come to me, and I am compelled to pursue them.

My latest craze has been to capture family members and friends as “Fandango” paper bag people. Before that, I was obsessed with painting dogs, cats and meerkats dressed as Marie Antoinette and her friends.

Throughout all of this, I’ve enjoyed doing Polaroid image transfers with slides of our travels or with vintage slides. These are on sale at Studio b.—but alas, it is a dying art form since Polaroid film and cameras are no longer being sold.

This spring I was inspired to pair beautiful seashells with dazzling Swarovski crystals and vintage jewelry, creating splendid art pieces that have no purpose whatsoever other than to please. These works are also for sale at Studio b. Gallery.

And for my next project, I may return to watercolor, or poster paints, or to my first love, photography, which I have often transformed into greeting cards featured at the Studio b. counter.

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