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Studio b. is proud to represent a collection of work from all over the globe. Art is rotated weekly and clients return to continually find something new. We feature a number of house artists per year and highlight particular artists of interest during peak times of the season. For more information on how to be a part of Studio b. Gallery, view our Artist Submission Guidelines.

what our artists are saying

Working with Bridget Verdun, the owner of Studio b. Gallery, these past few years has been a joyful, art-affirming experience. Bridget has a surprisingly optimistic view in the running of her gallery.

A mutual friend recommended my work to Bridget when the gallery was just opening four years ago. That first year I showed landscape paintings, which, thanks to Bridget's salesmanship, all sold. Over the years since then, I've tried to paint subjects that were appropriate for Harbor Country, such as birds, fish, people swimming, all things that I was interested in too. This work has done very well at Studio b. Bridget and I have a good dealer- artist relationship, built on trust and mutual admiration.

I've also become friends with Pam Durkin, the gallery director, who helps Bridget run the gallery. Pam is often at the gallery when I drop off or pick up work, and I look forward to seeing her and hearing gallery news.

—Joyce Rebora

I met Bridget Verdun, owner of Studio b. five years ago as she beelined straight for my work at a show I was exhibiting at. She attended another show I was in and told me she was opening a gallery and wanted me in there. I said yes of course, and have had one of the most wonderful gallery-artist-friend relationships an artist could possibly ask for. She treats artists like no other gallery owner I know with her warmth and generosity, and is always there for you. I also need to mention her energy…she was eight months pregnant when Studio b. opened, full-time job, two children (now), and nothing stopped her from building her dream—and she continues this incredible balance of life. And the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree…her mother Pam is just a beautiful human—possibly the sweetest people I have ever met. I have been a house artist here for five years, and she always wants to see my new work. The gallery itself is gorgeous and has the best art in the entire Harbor Country in my opinion. She also has an incredible understanding of the gallery/art business and how to treat people and artists. I love them.

—Nancy Pirri

I first became acquainted with Studio b. as a patron, when they first opened. Pam and Bridget were always gracious and welcoming whenever we would visit and carried interesting and varied artwork. I am shy and it took me a few seasons to work up the nerve to approach Bridget with the words, “Oh, by the way, I am a painter.” We scheduled a appointment, and I was accepted. I have been showing with Studio b. for three seasons now, and can honestly say they are consistently professional, warm and inviting to anyone who enters, and when art is purchased promptly pay out the artist according to the terms of our contract.

—Francine Petro

Working with Bridget, Pam and the whole team at Studio b. is like being part of a warm, inclusive, supportive family. I tend to be a control freak about my artwork, but at Studio b., I always know there is no worry. I have come to trust Bridget's business judgment and creative display sensibilities more than I trust my own. I am grateful to be part of the Studio b. family.

—MK Czerwiec

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